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Tarik ben Ziyad   405 CMRM 15-04-2008 10-09-2011 10-09-2011
Sultan Moulay Ismail   406 CMRM 24-03-2009 10-03-2012 10-03-2012
Allal Ben Abdellah   407 CMRM 21-09-2009 08-09-2012 08-09-2012

Class particulars

The three SIGMA-class frigates for the Royal Moroccan Navy have been designed according to Schelde Naval Shipbuilding's revolutionary SIGMA-approach and are a further development of the SIGMA-corvettes for the Indonesian Navy. The SIGMA approach applies modularity in many areas, which offers the user great flexibility at reduced costs. The frigates are also known as "FMMM", which stands for Frégates Multi-Missions Marocaines. The first frigate is longer than numbers two and three, to accommodate a VIP-crew and command facilities. The vessels are built according to Lloyds Register Class for unrestricted service and are enhanced by proven naval principles.   The superior propulsion and sea keeping capabilities make the SIGMA class frigates perfectly suited for operations in Moroccan territorial waters. Basic functions are maritime patrols and surveillance in the Territorial Waters and EEZ. In addition fishery protection, prevention and protection of natural resources, maritime search and rescue as well as the assigned constabulary tasks in law enforcement at sea will belong to the vessels capabilities. A helicopter deck and hangar for helicopters with a maximum weight of 5 tonnes, with lashing points and refuelling system is provided (landing and take-off up to 9 tonnes). Heli operations can be performed at day and night.


Dimensions (m) 105,11oa x 13,02 x 3,75 (FMMM 1)
  97.91oa x 13.02 x 3.75 (FMMM 2 & 3)
Displacement (t) 2335 (FMMM 1)
  2075 (FMMM 2 & 3)
Main machinery 2 x diesel engines at 8910 kW max. power each
  2 shafts with CPP
  Active roll stabilisation 
Speed (knots) 27,5
Range (nautical miles) 4000 at 18 knots
Accommodation 110 (FMMM 1)
  91 (FMMM 2 & 3)


Missiles SSM Exocet
  SAM VL Mica
Guns 76mm Super Rapid
  2 x 20mm
Torpedoes 2 x B515 trainable launchers
Electronic Warfare Vigile 100 ESM System
  Scorpion ECM System
  2 x SKWS decoy launchers
Combat data systems Tacticos Combat Management System
Weapon control systems LIROD Mk2 FC Radar
Radars Smart-S Mk2 3D Radar
Sonars Kingklip Hull-Mounted Sonar