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Enforcer Landing Platform Dock

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding has produced three generations of the highly successful Enforcer Series of amphibious support ships. The RNLN LPD "Rotterdam" was the first of the Enforcer Series, developed in close cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN). This was followed by 4 RN LSD (A) Bay Class vessels and the RNLN LPD "Johan de Witt". Each new series has drawn on the experience gained from the construction of its predecessor. Our advancements in modularity proved particularly attractive, as customers are able to select the specific modules they require, resulting in significant cost savings.


Unsurpassed amphibious capabilities


The ability to transfer equipment and personnel quickly and safely from ship to shore in all weather conditions is the single most important requirement in today's diverse operations.


The Enforcer Series has a stern dock, which creates a sheltered environment for the deployment of Landing Craft in adverse conditions up to Sea State 4. This feature makes operations possible at about 80 percent of the time, compared to the maximum of 30 percent attainable through alternative systems.


Safeguarding the future


The global stage is changing rapidly, with more emphasis on worldwide operations in a wide range of hostilities, for which the Enforcer Series was specifically designed. We combine the latest verified technology with our vast experience to meet tomorrow's demands. The Enforcer Series has been brought up to date and now offers signature reductions, large flight deck configurations, a wider range of propulsion options and a more flexible application.


Enabling a range of missions and roles


The Enforcer Series was developed around three basic sizes, based on the vessel's beam. Selection of the most suitable platform configuration is done in close cooperation with the customer by analysis of the Concept of Operations and functional requirements. Primary roles are:

  • Amphibious Support Strategic Transports
  • Law Enforcement & Search and Rescue Support to Operations Ashore
  • Disaster Relief Fleet Replenishment
  • Joint Operations Headquarters Repair & Maintenance support


Close collaboration


Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding collaborates closely with research institutes and suppliers of reputable combat, weapons and communications systems to optimise the vessels performances and configure, integrate and deliver the combat system that best matches the ship's intended function